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Kia Ora I’m Sam. I was born and raised right here in North Canterbury. My Chiropractic journey began in my early teens and to me it just made sense! I graduated from the world-renowned New Zealand College of Chiropractic and have since been in part time practice up in Auckland whilst working for the New Zealand College of Chiropractic as their Recruitment Officer. I have been fortunate enough to travel New Zealand and internationally, educating and inspiring others on Chiropractic and this wonderful profession. 

I love empowering people by helping them realise that they are extraordinary and that healing comes from the inside out. When I am not working with people to discover their inner potential I can usually be found tackling the elements of this beautiful place we inhabit.

I am pumped to be part of your community once again and I look forward to you being part of ours here at Habitat Chiropractic!